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For Your Surgical Needs. quality and qualified medical supplies that add value to human life for your surgical needs. 


Plus Surgical Sutures

Our focus is to supply high-quality products for the needs of the health sector, with our colleagues, with whom we started with the principle of human health-centered work and proceeded with the same determination and confident steps.

Our Products

Fields of Application

General Surgery

It is a medical discipline that involves performing various surgical procedures to treat a...

Orthopedic Surgery

From complete joint replacements to spine surgeries, orthopedic procedures require...

Urological Surgery

"Plus Surgical" Sutures offers a range of suture solutions to meet the unique needs of...

Gynecological Surgery

"Plus Surgical" sutures have a comprehensive range of products to meet the needs...

Cardiovascular Surgery

With its portfolio of cardiovascular needles, "Plus Surgical" sutures offer...

Ophthalmic Surgery

"Plus Surgical" sutures are available in a range of absorbable and...

Plastic Surgery

We know the importance of suture in plastic surgery and reconstructive procedures. Our...

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