Plus Surgical Sutures

About Us

Plus Surgical Sutures, supplies high-quality medical consumable products to the industry.

Our Company

Plus Surgical Products, with its 27 years of experience, designs affordable, high-quality products that comply with the World Health Organization (WHO) standards. Plus Surgical Products, whose mission is to provide safe and fast service to domestic and foreign business partners with its experienced staff, is increasing its place in the world market day by day.

By following the developing technology in the field of surgical thread, it expands its product portfolio day by day and supplies sterile products in accordance with international standards to the health sector.

Our aim in this path, which we started with the principle of human health-centered work, is to continue on the road with determined and confident steps and to supply high-quality products for the surgical needs of the health sector, which is our focus.

Our mission and purpose

We Are Here To Provide Surgical Consumable Products

As a company, our goal is to add value to human life by providing high-quality medical supplies.

  • To follow the innovations in the sector at all times,
  • To meet customer needs on time and without sacrificing quality
  • Adopting continuous improvement as the basic philosophy, not only preserving the existing structure

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